April 2018

(Deutsch) Altenheimprojekt (2) – Ein Schlagernachmittag im Seniorenheim

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Kari & Katherina are dancing

Kari, a physiotherapist, and Katherina, a veterinarian, both from Switzerland, combines the love of dance and movement. In the near future they like to start a larger project together, using their own mobile clips and pictures, but also some staged photos. Creating the latter was my job. We started with the first dance positions at Burg Hohenklingen. The other photos we shot above Eschenz, with a beautiful view of Lake Constance and the setting sun.

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(Deutsch) Christiani-Wiesen: Akteurs- und Planerwerkstatt (Teil 3)

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(Deutsch) Christiani-Wiesen: Akteurs- und Planerwerkstatt (Teil 2)

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(Deutsch) Christiani-Wiesen: Akteurs- und Planerwerkstatt (Teil 1)

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1st Hafner civic forum

A very large piece of beautiful landscape on the outskirts of Constance-Wollmatingen (north of Hafner) is to be sacrificed to the housing construction. Housing units for 6,000 future residents are to be built here. The growth of Constance does not seem to stop.

In order to be accepted by the citizens, the city leaders not only try to keep their plans transparent for everyone, but they also invite all those interested to contribute ideas, wishes and suggestions. After all, that is a big step forward compared to previous decades.

For this purpose, the 1st Hafner civic forum took place in the upper Konzil hall in Constance.

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(Deutsch) Konstanzer Kinderzoo

Until today I haven’t known at all that there’s a zoo for children in Constance 😀

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Spring fair on the Döbele

For over a hundred years, the spring fair has been performing on the Döbele in Constance at spring time. As always, the classic Ferris wheel, ghost train, carousel and bumper cars (in South German language: Boxkärrele) are on the list of alluring rides this year. It starts this weekend.

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Presentation of new dishes in the Restaurant “5. Element”

The restaurant “5. Element” in Radolfzell, Germany, has made it a habit to invite every year to a very special event, in which small appetizers of new culinary creations are presented to the finest live music. This gives visitors the opportunity to receive an overview of the new menus for little money. If anyone wonders what the name 5. element is supposed to mean, I’ll tell you: it’s love – after water, fire, earth and air. The motto of the restaurant is, “what we are doing, we do with love!” The guests feel that and obviously appreciate it. Because of that all seats were sold out, already one week before the gourmet event!

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Albanian Party in the “Alte Schachtel”

I felt a bit like on holiday in Albania, when I went to the discotheque “Alte Schachtel” in Constance on the weekend. The entire discotheque was crowded by Albanian-born young people from Germany and Switzerland. The loud speakers played Albanian rap and hip-hop music, and the mood was exuberant and peaceful. What is rather uncommon in German discotheques: the dancers took themselves by the hands and danced in wide circles. Not infrequently the typical red cloths were to be seen. They are called Mindila, a handkerchief worn in Turkey, Albania, Kosova, and allover the Balkans by brides and other women at weddings and other parties.

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