May Ambience

On days when there are no jobs to do, and it is not fun to sit at home on the computer because the sun is tempting, I like to follow the good-weather-imperative. This is the invitation of the beautiful weather to come outside and make use of it. I then regularly sit on the saddle of my mountain bike and follow my nose. Sure, the camera is always with me ?

The following pictures were taken almost all on 8 May 2018 on a short tour on the Swiss side of the Rhine from Constance over Stein am Rhein to Diessenhofen, and from there via Gailingen, Ramsen, Moos and Radolfzell back home.

The image fruits of this day show that different souls live in my breast. One of them loves the pure and clear to almost the kitsch, another prefers the same, but with a good pinch of the opposite. So I call Numero 1 May Ambience – Pure & Clean, the other May Ambience – Slightly Grungy 🙂

Pure & Clean
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Slightly Grungy
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