Hello People!

Facing the Digital Abyss: Back from Drowning

In the realm of business, a functional website is an indispensable tool. When it crashes and becomes inaccessible, it’s like losing a vital lifeline. Anticipating such disasters, many create backups to ensure a swift restoration. However, when the backup server itself succumbs to the same fate, the situation becomes dire. This is precisely what befell my server a few months ago.

With my websites swallowed by the digital abyss, I was left with no choice but to hastily construct a makeshift island amidst the turbulent sea. This new site was born to address the inquiries about my photography website and “KonstanzerFasnacht.de,” both of which had vanished into the void.

The loss of KonstanzerFasnacht.de, which had been a mainstay on the internet from March 2003 to March 2024, hosting over 100,000 photographs, was particularly disheartening. Countless hours and meticulous work had been invested in its creation. Fortunately, the images and MySQL database remained intact on my local hard drives. It is merely a matter of time and effort before the website would rise again.

A Journey into Photography

My passion for photography ignited early, as a 7-year-old investing my first allowance in a simple camera. In the mid-80s, my skills were elevated through a photography competition, rewarding me with a Nikon camera, two lenses, and a romantic getaway to Tuscany.

While pursuing a psychology degree, I simultaneously embarked on a career as a radio moderator. Upon completing my studies in 1995 with a focus on advertising and marketing, I continued my radio work until 2013, before transitioning into professional photography.

From the outset, my clientele consisted of commercial and municipal clients, with event photography (reportage, documentation, storytelling, project photography, incentives, etc.) becoming my niche. Yet, I remained open to exploring other genres, including street, architecture, business portraits, hotel, and food photography.

Reflecting My Photographic Style

This makeshift selection of photographs is a spontaneous response to the unfortunate circumstances. It’s not intended as a comprehensive portfolio but rather a glimpse into my personal photographic style. My primary goal is to ensure client satisfaction, and these images offer a window into my approach to capturing and translating visual narratives.

Confidentiality and Respecting Client Interests

Out of respect for confidentiality and the sensitive business interests of my clients, most images from past events/incentives cannot be publicly displayed. For inquiries related to commissioned work, please reach out privately.

Contact Information

I am independent, open-minded, travel-loving, and reliable, and I can be best reached via email at chris(at)danneffel.de or danneffel(at)gmail.com, or through WhatsApp at +420-737-704407.

In addition, I occasionally post something on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danneffel/

and more frequently, more often, and regularly on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.danneffel